About us

Though the Cupak Design trade mark has been in existence since only 2016, its story or history has been much longer. I have been devoted to the production of this kind since 2010, although there were several gaps, and then I started thinking about the title and the logo as well. During that time I have come quite far creating tens of new titles and logos matching them… but I have never questioned the content of my work.

I design and create original pieces of furniture, interior and exterior accessories on the border between sculpture and applied art pieces. I work with solid wood – oak, maple, elm … This is the main direction, but from time to time I deviate from this course to „touch“ different materials (like stone, metal, glass, bronze, etc.) or to try new ways how to treat them or to experience a reversed look at both practical life matters and designing. But all along, I have been trying to respect the function and the practicallity of the processed topic and material. At the same time I pay attention to details linked with both ideas and brainwaves.

The best way to apply the main principals of my creative work comes to existence in the course of designing concrete pieces of art made to the particular customer´s needs right at the spot. Here, it is possible to catch both specific genius loci and the personality of the customer. Following this, one can create pieces with feeling for the place and for people with a soul….. a kind of resistence against drabness of serial production.